The mission of the FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club is to foster a community of Bayern Munich supporters by hosting events that promote the team and celebrate Bavarian culture while growing the fan base though the recruitment of new members.


The vision of the FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club is to be a valued representative of FC Bayern Munich in the Gulf region through active involvement that increases and enhances the visibility of the club and brand.


FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club insists that all members and their guests conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all events, online, and while wearing FC Bayern Munich and Fan Club merchandise, keeping in mind the cultural sensibilities of the region and that we are sharing space in venues with members of other teams’ Fan Clubs.


How the adventure began

On July 1, 2015, after growing increasingly tired of his Bayern-obsessed wife Ellen trying to “talk Bayern” with him, Guenther Jahrmann, a Borusse ironically from Bavaria, created a Meet Up page for Bayern fans and gave Ellen the password, encouraging her to “find your people”. A bit reluctant, Ellen let the page sit for awhile over the summer while she missed Bundesliga. Having toyed with the idea of creating an official Bayern Munich fan club in years past, Ellen thought that the Meet Up group might be a good way to recruit fans. So one August afternoon, she put up an invitation for the first game: August 14, Bayern vs Hamburg, and one person RSVPed, Ciaran Browne. They met, along with Guenther, at Stars 'N' Bars on Yas Island, to watch the first game of the 2015/16 season and witnessed Medhi Benatia scoring the season’s first goal. Ellen admitted to Ciaran that her ulterior motive in creating a Meet Up group was to meet enough people to start an official Bayern Munich fan club. Ciaran liked the idea and a club was born!

Over the months, more people joined and there were 10 fans enjoying Der Klassiker, the Bayern vs Dortmund game, on October 4 at Brauhaus at Beach Rotana. More people continued to join the Meet Up group, including family members, and the fan club membership grew, too. The group tried various venues for Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, and Champions League games and a core group of fans joined for most of them at The Sportsman’s Arms, watching proudly as Bayern sat atop the table all season.

Finally, in mid-January, the group had the 25 required names for official membership and submitted their request. On January 26, 2016, Raimond Aumann, fan club coordinator for FC Bayern Munich, sent Ellen the official documentation of the FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club. Two founding members, Jane Browne and Sebastian Kuckart, agreed to join Ellen as officers and the three met frequently to begin planning the fan club’s direction, events, and image. The logo was complete by the end of the playing season and approved on the same day by Bayern Munich’s fan club department. While the officers spent the Euro 2016 on different sides – Ireland, Belgium, and Germany – they continued to work together for the good of the  Bayern fan club, scheduling games, choosing venues, designing merchandise, creating web sites, setting up social media presence, connecting with other fan clubs around the world, and planning recruitment strategies.


Mia San Writing History....

Now it's your turn:

An Idea

A push from the Borusse

Guenther Jahrmann,  created a Meet Up page for Bayern fans


First Meetup, Stars 'N' Bars

The first game: August 14, Bayern vs Hamburg, at Stars 'N' Bars on Yas Island


First Klassiker

10 fans enjoying Der Klassiker at Brauhaus at Beach Rotana


Mia San Official

On January 26, 2016, Raimond Aumann, fan club coordinator for FC Bayern Munich, sent Ellen the official documentation of the FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club.

What is yet to come


Design of an Identity across cultures

The logo of the FC Bayern Munich Abu Dhabi Fan Club is the result of the creativity and input of three designers from around the world. Francis Madore, in the Philippines, developed a variety of initial logos, from which the members chose a falcon as the dominant image, as well as a strong font for the text. Alexander Kuckart, in Germany, took the falcon and added a bold and memorable design, reminiscent of the Arabic calligraphy that is traditional in the region. Eman Awadh, in the UAE, streamlined the letters so they spell “Bayern” in an artistic way, adjusted the colors so they represent the UAE flag, and included the Arabic lettering for “Abu Dhabi Fan Club”, which is pronounced “Nadi Mashjaheen Abu Dhabi”.

The falcon, the national symbol of the UAE, protects the Bayern Munich logo as fervently as the team’s fans, and its feathery lettering depicts the red, green, white and black of the UAE flag, with the Bayern blue as an accent color that also reflects the waters of the Arabian Gulf.


Ellen Fortini


Ellen Fortini, chairwoman Born in Boston and raised in Maine, USA, Ellen moved to Germany in 2005 with her Dortmund-fan boyfriend (now husband) Guenther at the height of Germany’s World Cup preparation madness. Having spent years working in professional ice hockey management, Ellen loved the entertainment aspect of sport, but was unfamiliar with soccer. The high-profile of Die Mannschaft made it easier for Ellen to assimilate to German culture and learn the language, and Ellen went full schwarz-rot-gold for summer 2006. Gutted after the loss to Italy, Ellen felt a bit lost without soccer-mania. Guenther explained that the players had regular clubs that they played for around Europe. At the same time, the company that Ellen worked for in Germany had corporate box seats at Allianz Arena and Ellen had the good fortune to get tickets to see Mehmet Scholl’s Abschiedsspiel, a friendly against Barcelona on August 15, 2007 at Allianz Arena. That was it -- one visit to the new stadium and seeing Die Roten in action -- and Ellen had found her spiritual soccer home. It is rumored that her favorite player is Manuel Neuer, but that is wholly unconfirmed.

Jane Browne

Deputy Chairwoman

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Sebastian Kuckart


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